We are all fighting our own wars. For some the war is about money, love, material possessions, work or even paying their bills. My war is against a monster so evil and unforgiving that even hardened men have buckled under its attacks! It is an enemy within my own body and it is named Multiple Sclerosis. (MS)
MS is a relentless and ruthless enemy that takes control of your whole existence and never stops fighting. There is no weapon than can defeat it and no place to hide from it. When it attacks there is not much you can do except sit back, take the pain like a warrior and mop up the mess afterwards. MS has cost me my job, my friends, my freedom, my mobility and some days my sanity. 
My war against MS started nearly two decades ago when I was 18 years old. For half of my life I’ve sat back and permitted MS to destroy it on every level but finally decided that enough is enough! I will no longer sit back and allow this monster to fight this war against me without any resistance! 
There is one weapon available that can disarm my enemy. In medical terms it falls in the same category as a nuclear bomb but is in actual fact Chemical warfare. Multiple Sclerosis makes use of my own immune system as its main weapon to destroy my nervous system. I now have no option but to destroy this immune system to win this war once and for all. To do this I have to radiate my body with 100% chemotherapy. I will then replace my destroyed immune system with a brand new one that my enemy will not be able to use as its weapon. This will be achieved with a Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. This new set of Stem cells will then produce my new immune system. This will END MY WAR once and for all!
There is only one hurdle… This process cost around R650 000 (US$50 000) and is not covered by my medical aid. This is where I need your help! Please join my war on MS by donating any amount you have spare to help me raise the funds for this procedure. All donations are 100% secure and done via the Back a Buddy porthole.
My vision is not just to raise money for my own procedure but hopefully for more patients in need of it. If you are unable to make a donation please share my story with people or businesses that might be able to help.
Yvette Ruppersberg